On 22 November, Fundació Jaume Bofill, and Ivàlua – two leading organizations of the field of education in Catalonia – organized an event in the emblematic building Casa Macaya of Barcelona. The event was part of the cycle “What Works in Education?” (in Catalan: “Què funciona en educació?” About this cycle see: and had a double aim; on one hand, presenting the report of the research by pedagogical researchers Alvaro Choi and Maria Gil entitled: “Does Leadership Affect School Student Academic Performance?”


The research tries and determine whether a cause-effect relationship can be established on the basis of current research between leadership style and student performance… without trying to summarize the report in its entirety, one of its authors, Mr. Choi indicated that evening in Barcelona, that there was no possibility to establish a cause-effect relationship between one thing and the other but one of “possible impact assessment”… what does that mean?

Well in principle  as Mr. Choi went on, it means that there are leadership activities that seem to affect student performance, but the mechanism by which they do so, is yet to be determined. One of the factors that may have an effect as per existing data is school leadership (director) profiles; that includes three main variables amongst others:

  • Leaders of “higher quality” have bigger impact (the problem about defining quality is that it is often base on cognitive traits of the person).
  • Training background… all leaders have similar training background in Catalonia, so it is hard to make out its actual impact.
  • Longer tenure; it is clear that leaders with longer tenure did not have better impact on student performance. Quantity of experience did not matter as much as its quality. For example those director who had undergone inspection and received its feed-back obtained higher performance results.

To learn more about other variables, you should have a look at the report available (and downloadable in PDF) in Catalan and in English languages on the website of Fundació Jaume Bofill.





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Educational leadership course in Vilanova i La Geltrú taking place in July.

The summer courses offered by the Campus Universitari de la Mediterrània (CUM); the interdisciplinary school of the Municipality of Vilanova i La Geltrú (Catalonia) will offer a 30-hour training (20 hours in-campus and 10 hours online) of five days ( from the 21st to the 25th July) with the title: “Educational and social leadership of faculty in the classroom. Teaching students to become Leaders”.

The course aims at “Providing teachers with educational leadership techniques and strategies aiming at the social education of students”. It aims as well at connecting one’s own subject to the social domain while improving relationships, involving students in social activism in the classroom, in the school and the city area where it is located”.

The more information please look here.


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News from Bulgaria: meeting of Focus Group

A meeting of Focus group 2 under the “Training Program for Future School Leaders (TrainLead)”  “Erasmus+” program, was held on April 25th 2017. It was headed by Eleonora Lilova, PhD, Principal of 2nd Secondary School “Acad. Emilian Stanev”, and moderated by Vanya Kastreva Ph.D, Head of the Sofia-city Regional Education Council.

The meeting dealt with key modules and subtopics along with the expected outcomes for learners for the future online platform for school leadership.

The event was attended by:

Vanya Stancheva, Senior Expert at Regional Education Council, Sofia City
Iveta Germanova, Senior Expert at Regional Education Council, Sofia City
Boyanka Kuneva, Senior Expert at Regional Education Council, Sofia City
Tanya Mihaylova, principal of Secondary School „M. V. Lomonosov“
Antony Stoyanov, principal of Sofia Math Secondary School
Emilya Lazarova, principal of 2nd ELS
Antoan Tonev, principal of 17th Secondary School
Vesela Ivanova, principal of 101st Secondary School
Tsvetanka Toneva, principal of 120th Primary School
Rosen Dimitrov, principal of 126th Primary School
Vesela Paldumova-Kovacheva, principal of 134th Secondary School
Tatyana Mihaylova, principal of 44th Secondary School
Maria Sandeva, deputy-principal of Primary School „Azbuky“

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Webinar destined to enhance teacher leadership

A Webinar destined to enhance teacher leadership in educational technology took place on 1st June. The webinar “Teachers Active Agents in Educational Technology Innovation” featured various professionals who shared their expertise in regards of enhancing solutions for IT in the classrooms.

Amongst them, there was Quim Sabrià, a Catalan teacher who became one of the most successful technological educational entrepreneurs worldwide. He Shared what motivated him to “take the jump” from the classroom to Silicon Valley and shared as well his views in regards of IT innovation in the classroom. Quim Sabrià is the founder and CEO of the online educational platform EDpuzzle, which has impacted already more than three million students all over the world and is based in Barcelona and Sam Francisco, both.

More information here.

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News from Barcelona: new Edcamp teacher trainings are coming!!!

Teacher training summer camp based on construction of knowledge are coming next month to the Catalan areas of Garrotxa and the city of Mataró. It is aimed at teachers empowering themselves and cooperating by debating and finding solutions to commonly shared problems and difficulties. The camp is based on the construction of knowledge together in order to tackle the issues teachers will indicate as most relevant. Thus, there is no set program for the camp

(More information about EdCAMPs is here)

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M&M’s Focus Groups: knowing the reality!!

The interviewing method chosen were individual online interviews using Skype as support. This method was chosen due to the technical difficulty to make all of our interviewees meet in one single focus group.

For the first focus group, our six interviewees were mostly language teachers (5 out of 6); two were English language teachers, two were French and English language teachers, one was French language teacher and one was a science and biology teacher and class “tutor” (class teacher).

Three of them teach at university and vocational training (“cicles formatius”) level both. One works at secondary high school level, one works at secondary basic degree level plus vocational training levels, one works at Secondary and baccalaureate levels both.

The second focus group consisted on 6 directors: 1 in an adults’ school, 2 in nurseries school, 1 in a secondary school, 1 in a primary school and 1 director who works in a semiprivate school.

The variety of profiles in this second round of interviews has been really enriching. In our opinion, it has been a good way of testing the framework.

All the directors showed a strong interest in the TrainLead future digital platform.

About the possible courses in general, in brief, we can say:

–                 Module 1: all the interviewed directors showed interest in working on the directors’ profile. Almost all of them agreed on the potential contents of the module. They added more objectives and they strongly defended their adversity towards authoritarian leaders.

–                 Module 2: all the interviewed agreed on the importance of a good social climate and a good team work, in order to achieve good results at school. The distancing of the principal from the classroom has also been an interesting issue to them and stressed the importance of the internal motivation of the staff.

–                 Module 3. Communication aspect has been perceived as one of the most important ones. The majority of the interviewed talked about the importance of communication with families.

–                 Module 4: This last module has been the most controversial one. The words “entrepreneurship” and “management” sounded too hard to the majority of directors; actually, to the ones who work in public schools.

M&M’ s staff want to acknowledge the involvement and participation of our interviewees in order to carry out this research phase.

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News from the Romanian national conference, “European Dimension of Educational Institutions”

The national conference “European dimension of educational institutions” was an event initiated by the “Tudor Vladimirescu” Kindergarten from Craiova, under the patronage of the Dolj County School Inspectorate, Department of European Projects and Dolj Teachers’ House.
The conference, that is on its’ fourth edition, gathered 126 teachers from pre-school to lyceum level, representing 10 counties from Romania. A strong NGO presence was also felt, through the partnership with Dominou Association, Edu2grow Romania, Edu2Grow Portugal,, EduforCraiova etc.

The conference put together presentations, practical activities (workshops, presentation of tools) and exchange of knowhow at all levels. The papers of the conference will be shared in the conference magazine, which will be published later in the year.

During the conference, in the section “Dissemination of international projects” the debut of Erasmus+ KA2 Trainlead project was announced, with invitation for the present teachers and their colleagues to subscribe either for focus groups or for the online training activities.

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At the kick off: what the partners thought

At our first kick off meeting in Sofia, partners told us of their hopes and wishes for TrainLead and provided some helpful words of encouragement and advice as you can see from the videos below…

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What difference will TrainLead make?

As part of the Kick Off meeting process in Sofia, we discussed what we thought difference the project would have on participants.  We workshopped what we thought participants would be thinking both before and after their participation in TrainLead and then collected up all those words and processed them through Wordle, an online text analysis tool.  The results were illuminating as you can see in the images below!

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First Days: the TrainLead Kick Off Meeting!

The TrainLead Kick Off meeting started on 28 November 2016 at the Sofia Regional Management of Education.  Welcomed by Mrs. Vaniya Kastreva, the seven partner organisations enjoyed a day of introductions, stimulations and the best of Bulgarian hospitality and cuisine.

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